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John Douglas



John Douglas is an award winning photographer and digital artist.  He is a member of the Digital Artists' Guild of The Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts Artists' League.   John is a native Floridian, born in Fort Myers.  He moved to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University where he earned a Bachelors and a Masters degree.  He has called the Tallahassee area home for over 30 years.

John's image collection is shown in the galleries of this website.   Many of these photo images were captured by John in his home area of Florida and South Georgia as well as from other travels in the United States, Mexico, and Europe.  John continues to add to the collection and periodically shows at gallery exhibits and art shows in the southeastern United States.   For more information about exhibits, go to
PicturesPlus-Art Shows and Exhibits

John has long had an interest in the visual arts, particularly impressionist painters of the 19th century. Like most people he took photographs of family and friends, but increasingly began looking at pleasing scenes that could be photographed for enjoyment and decor. In 1997, when John wanted to broaden his technical skills by learning website programming, he needed a subject. Friends suggested that he use his photography. Developing a website around photography expanded John’s interest in photography and digital technology.

Today, John has turned that interest into a portfolio of artistic works that not only features traditional photography, but includes digital fine art imagery and scanography. A scene or image captured with a camera or scanner can be modified by using light and color in various ways to create a unique impression. As well as on this website, John’s works can be found at art festivals and galleries around the southeastern United States. He goes nowhere without a camera.

Additionally, images by guest artists may periodically be displayed in the galleries.   Digital images are generated using computer graphics and special effects software.  PicturesPlus-Art.com is solely owned by John Douglas.

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