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All images on this site are © (copyright) by John Douglas and PicturesPlus-Art.com.




About Prints and Presentations

PicturesPlus-Art.com provides our images printed on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl paper or canvas.  Prints are shipped rolled in a heavy art tube.  Also available are ready-to-hang canvas gallery wraps or framed paper print presentations.  A frame with matting and glass, or laminant finish is required before hanging a paper print.  Canvas prints are offered stretched and gallery wrapped on standard stretcher frames, or on heavy duty stretcher frames for large prints.  Prices do not include shipping, usually by United Parcel Service (UPS), or applicable taxes.

In addition to our PicturesPlus-Art.com gallery image presentation options, we are now offering some select images on Fine Art America.  Images presented on that site may be purchased online directly through Fine Art America in accordance with their purchasing policies.

PicturesPlus-Art.com offers standard and panorama format prints in a set of standard sizes, but the sizes can additionally be customized to your specific needs. Contact us for a quote if you wish a size different than listed below.  Our available standard sizes are as follows.

Standard Format Prints



Gallery Wrapped
12" x 18" $40 $55 $115
18" x 24" Call Call Call
20" x 30" Call Call Call**
30" x 45" Call Call Call**




Gallery Wrapped
5.5" x 16" $25
8" x 20" $40 $50 Call
11" x 30" $55 Call Call
16" x 42" Call Call Call**
20" x 52" Call Call Call**

Framed paper print presentations, sizes 20" x 30" and larger in standard format and 16" x 42" and larger in panorama format, are available exclusively with laminated finishes.   This provides a non-glare finish as opposed to glass enclosed framings.  It is also lighter and easier and safer to ship.

*   Gallery wrapped canvas prints are priced based on standard depth stretcher bars that are 3/4" deep.
**  Larger gallery wrapped canvas print prices are based on either reinforced standard stretcher bars or heavy duty stretcher bars to reduce the risk of the presentation warping over time.

All prints are acid free, lignin free, and pH neutral. I use Epson Photo printers using archival quality, ultrachrome K3 inks. The ultrachrome K3 printing ink used in this giclée printing process has a no-fade, print permanence rating of 200 years, when cared for properly.  

The gallery quality wood or metal framed print presentations are available sealed with premium clear glass, reflection control glass, or laminants for larger presentations. The prints are also available on canvas, either framed or in a gallery wrap style presentation. We use a museum style of presentation that emphasizes the quality of the print. Because of the variation in presentations that are available, the prices vary depending upon materials used. For example, reflection control glass is approximately twice the price of premium clear glass and canvas costs more than an image printed on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl paper.

The following are some examples of gallery style presentations that are available from PicturesPlus-Art.com. Some presentations were photographed at an angle, rather than straight on, to provide a view of the depth when mounted on a wall. These styles can be applied to any image from PicturesPlus-Art.com.

Presentation Options

Our gallery quality prints are also offered in a variety of presentations and mounting options. The following are examples of some of our most popular images in different presentations that are available. You will find our prices for framings and gallery wraps compare very favorably to any gallery or frame shop. As illustrated by the following examples, prices will vary depending upon your individual requirements. Once you decide upon an image in our web galleries, please call us for a quote, if you wish something different than our standard sizes or a have a specific presentation in mind.

In this first example, 12th Avenue Canopy Road is a panorama on canvas in a gallery wrap presentation. The canvas print is sealed with a water resistant print shield. To create this presentation, which is 16" high by 42" wide, the print is actually 19" high by 46" wide in order to be stretched and wrapped around the sides of the 1-1/2" deep, heavy duty stretcher bar mounting.  The cost for this gallery wrap presentation is $249. The cost for an unmounted, 16" by 42" limited edition, sealed canvas print is $155.


12th Avenue Canopy Road

This second image is Unconquered, a paper print panorama in a premium frame and with the print having a laminated finish. This is how we provide our larger presentations without glass. The cost for this 16" x 42" limited edition print presentation, using a premium frame and gold liner, is $299. The cost for an unframed, 16" by 42" limited edition print on premium luster paper is $105.



The image to the left provides some perspective to the size of the above 16" by 42" framed "Unconquered" presentation in relation to placement over a fireplace and mantel. Take away the outer frame and the gallery wrap 16" by 42" version of this image or other panorama, such as "12th Avenue", would have similar space requirements.


Funfish Schooling

This next example is another gallery wrap presentation. Funfish Schooling is a standard foramt canvas print that is 26" high by 20" wide in order to be stretched and wrapped around the sides of a 24" high by 18" wide by 3/4" deep, standard stretcher bar mounting, which can also accommodate a frame. The print is sealed with a water resistant print shield.  The cost for this unframed gallery wrap presentation is $149. The cost for the unmounted, 24" x 18" limited edition, sealed canvas print is $99.


Koi and Lilly

In this example presentation, Koi and Lilly is on canvas in a premium framed presentation. The canvas print is dry mounted directly onto a foam core and sealed with water resistant print shield. In this example, the final presentation is 25" high by 31" wide, including the linen liner and wood frame. The cost for this premier canvas presentation is $394. The 20" x 26" unmounted, limited edition, sealed canvas print is $99.

The premium wood frame and linen liner as shown adds $30 to the total cost of this presentation, which is $329.

We specialize in providing custom framings. If one of these examples is not exactly what you are looking for, then please call us with your requirements and we will provide a price quote.

Where we have presentations already prepared for display, such as at art shows and festivals, these can often be purchased at a discount from what is described on this page.  Please see Shows and Exhibits to see when we might be in your area.

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Last Update: June 24, 2019

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