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All images on this site are © (copyright) by John Douglas and PicturesPlus-Art.com.  





PicturesPlus-Art.com will license images for commercial use.  The cost for the licensed images varies with it's resolution, which translates into how large the image can be made and still retain clarity.  PicturesPlus-Art.com offers its images for licensed use at three categories based on levels of resolution: Enlarged, Print Media, and Web.

Enlarged  images are provided in the full resolution available. These images are suitable for enlarging up to poster size, and sometimes larger, while retaining excellent clarity.

Print Media  images are provided at half of the full resolution level. These images are suitable for use in printed publications, such as magazines, post cards, catalogues, and other similar printed publications.

Web  images are provided in .jpg formats and at resolution levels that are suitable for use on computer screens, web browsers, etc. Typically, the resolution for these images translates to 72 dpi. on a web image. The prices for the use of the image can vary with the application, so its best to contact us for consultation regarding how you wish to use the image. For most commercial uses, however, the licensing costs for an image in each of the three categories is as follows:

Enlarged:          $110

Print Media:        $75

Web:                   $45

Samples of our current Image Licensing Agreement and Agreement Items Listing form are below.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.


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